Complexity is our core business

Intuity combines strategy, creativity, design, science, and technology in one place. We deal with numerous interconnected and ever changing pieces of information. This is why we set out to build our own tool for exploring, consolidating and structuring it.

Sort-it has been a faithful service for our team so far. Now, we like to share our prototype with our clients and everybody who faces the challenge to deal with complex situations. Contact us and let us know how Sort-it supports your process!

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What makes the difference?

Combining the best of two worlds

Sort-it is classified between Excel and Word Sort-it is classified between Excel and Word

Excel is a tool for dealing with large datsets and numbers whereas Word supports individual thoughts and ideas in form of text and also visual representation. Sort-it combines the best of two worlds. Use cards and the free arrangement for qualitive content. Statistics, grid or the global tag management help you to to gain insights of the entire data set.

By working with Sort-it you gain new insights and document your conclusions.

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Planning a street food stand

Alice, Bob and Carol want to open a street food stand. They get together to collect lots of ideas. How can they extract a concept for their food stand, making sure everybody’s values are considered?

What else?

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Interview preparation & evaluation

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Ideation processes

Example workshop summaries

Workshop summaries

Example text structuring & writing

Text structuring & writing

Example literature research

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Example task planning

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Example creating personas

Creating personas

Example and basically every thought

And basically every thought

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